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“Started in 2013, Saucisson’s mission is to provide unique and hard to find products. From hand cured meats to specially spiced sausages, Saucisson supports local farms that are humane and hormone free. We use only the highest quality local meat. New Creations Farm, one of our suppliers, in Geauga County, Ohio features hormone and anti-biotic free animals raised humanly”


Morningside Farms

“Our USDA Certified Organic products are grown using sustainable, biologically based methods.  Our customers are invited to visit our farm and see how their food is produced and if you choose, join in the process.”

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Six Shooter Coffee

“Six Shooter Coffee is a Cleveland-proud, small-batch, roaster. We aim to foster a community that values quality by spreading coffee knowledge and culture in the great state of Ohio and the beautiful U.S. Of A. Our beans are carefully sourced, providing our coffee-drinkers with consciously roasted coffee that provides a nuanced flavor, perfect for fueling an active lifestyle.”